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dangerous  Russian babushkaThere is a superstition that Russia is very dangerous place to visit. Criminal Russia is one of the main topics in local and international mass media. However, the citizens of Novosibirsk get the information about crime and criminals in the same way as many other people do in the rest of the world, i.e. from TV, radio and newspapers.

It's up to local Mafia people to shoot at each other. In case you are not intended to do some illegal BUSINESS, you may, somehow, feel safe and protected. Besides,try to stay away from any person who you don't trust or who you simply don't like. Don't give your address or telephone number to people you don't know.

Simply follow these tips that'll make your stay here pleasant and comfortable:

  • Avoid walking through dark, unknown, deserted streets in the evening.
  • Check your pockets and purses, while walking along the crowded streets
  • Do the same in big stores and market places.
  • When visiting somebody don't get into elevator cabin with persons you don't know.
  • It is also advisable to have a telephone number of your tourist agency or a close friend, whom you may always call in case of need or emergency.
  • Sometimes, it becomes too cold in Siberia on winter seasons. If you plan your visit to Novosibirsk during this time of the year, keep in mind that special face and hand creams or gels may help you to fight severe Russian winter. Fur hats are also advisable. The famous Russian "ushankas" (caps with ear-flaps made of fur of mink, rabbit fur, beaver lamb) may satisfy any taste. "Ushankas" are practically available in any clothing store or in specialized sections of department stores
  • Don't get shy, appeal to a passersby, when looking for a street you need a restaurant or a hotel. It would be better, of course, to ask your guide, a porter or a Russian friend of yours, if any, to put down the Russian name of a place you want to go to on a sheet of paper. You may easily show it to a taxi driver, for your own convenience.
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