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Hello guys! My name is Victor Tolokonsky. I'm a governor around these parts. I'm gonna give you some brief information on what Novosibirsk is all about.

Novosibirsk is one of the biggest cities in Russia and considered the third largest city after Moscow and St.Petersburg and the biggest one behind the Ural. It's situated right in the middle of Russia. The City lies on both banks of the Ob river.The day when construction of the new bridge across the Ob river was started is considered to be the day when Novosibirsk was founded.
In 1993 Novosibirsk celebrated it's 100th anniversary and it's growing rate is so high,that we can call the city the Russian Chicago.

It occupies the area of 477.2 square kilometers.
Novosibirsk local time is Greenwich Mean Time plus 6,
Population: about 1.5 million people,
Basic language: Russian.
Mayor of Novosibirsk- Vladimir Gorodetsky

Administratively Novosibirsk is segmented into 10 administration districts. Leninsky and Kirovsky districts are situated on the left bank of the Ob river while Zaeltsovsky, Zheleznodorozhny, Dzerzhinsky, Tsentralny, Oktyabrsky, Kalininsky, Pervomaysky and Sovietsky are on the right one.

The City Soviet of People’s Deputies is the main legislative body. The executive power is exercised by the Mayor and the prefects of the districts. The municipal authorities are elected by the citizens of Novosibirsk. Elections are held once in four years.

Some more boring infotmation you can get visiting the official site of Novosibirsk Region administration and City administration site

Climate: The climate is sharply continental. That means that winters here are very severe, cold and snowy. Summer is rather hot and dry. Temperatures in summer range from 20 to 22°C, ; in winter - (18 - 20°C) , but sometimes they may go up to -35°C in winter and 35°C in summer . The difference between the highest and the lowest temperature is 88°C. Most of the time the weather is sunny. The spell of sunny weather is 2880 hours an year.

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