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Novosibirsk transportation

Novosibirsk transportation


Airport Tolmachevo - here you can find the schedule of international and domestic flights and get the information about the airport and its services.

flight schedule - latest schedules of Novosibirsk's Tolmachevo airport Domestic, and International flights

Tickets - The International Agency of Air Connections

book your flights online at S7.RU Siberia Airlines

Novosibirsk metro

Novosibirsk metroNovosibirsk metro (the only one to the east to the Ural) was put into operation in 1986. It includes 11 stations and a metro bridge across the Ob river 2145 meters long. Novosibirsk metro is the third in Russia in passengers throughput (250 thousand passengers a day).
It is safe to say that Novosibirck metro is the cheapest and the easiest way to move to different parts of the city. Unlike stuffy and always overcrowded Moskow underground, it is quite clean and easy to breathe.

Even if you don't know the city well you won't get lost since it comprises not very many stations.

To take a metro ride you should buy counters and deposit it into a slot of an automatic entry gate and get in . They are usually sold at every Metro station in booking offices in the Metro entrance halls.

The fee for one trip by Metro is fixed, i.e. it doesn't depend on the length of your route. Metro ride presently costs 8 Rubles, which is about 27cents.

Advice: never go by metro after you have taken alcohol. They have cops on every station who will not simply let you in.

here is the map of local subway

Novosibirsk metro
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taxi cab Volga Taxi: Taxis can be hailed simply by waving your hand at oncoming traffic. Many "taxis" are, in fact, private citizens who make extra money ferrying people along. Be prepared to pay from 50, to 150, rubles for a trip within the city and from 200 to 300 rubles for a trip between the city and Akademgorodok.

You will hardly come across the taxi driver who can speak English, so language barrier will be a problem.

When catching taxis try to follow these rules.

  • don't get into a vehicle with any passenger in except for the case when he is a friend of yours;
  • the shabbier is the car, the less price its driver will ask for his services,
  • make arrangements about the ride cost with the driver before you get in and pay only in rubles.

Another way of catching taxi is to order the car by phone
Some private companies offer taxi service. All you need is to dial their number and make your order. They provide fast, convenient transit from door to door. Call any hour any day to have one of their Taxi dispatched to your location.

phone: 3545-545, 2107-107

phone: 2180-000, 2222-222

phone: 210-02-00, 217-93-05

phone: 221-22-12, 227-13-31

phone: 292-99-99

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